Wording in novels

Wording in novels

Wording in novels

Generally, when doing anything else there are ways that something is expected to be done. when we look at novel writing some rules have to be followed. In this case, let’s look at the wording. This is an important part of novel writing.

Different novels have different types of words that they use as well as the number of words that will determine how big your novel will be.

Number of words

As you write you will wonder how many words you should have. This is when you realise that the word count is your best friend. This will work as your guide and let you know the number you have written. a word counter will also limit you in terms of your writing so that you don’t end up with a chunk of things that even your editors will lose interest in.

Different stories have specific words they require. Taking for example when writing a short story you will only need to reach about 7,500 words. This is an important rule to follow just like following age restrictions in casinos. keep in mind that words differ depending on the genre you have chosen.

Choice of words

As you write your novel, keep in mind the age group you are writing for. This will work as a guide to you in terms of the choice of words you use in your story. Taking for example when you ar4 writing for children you need to make use of short simple words they can understand.

Paging in novel writing

Still looking at the number of words you should have in your book, paging also comes to mind. The number of pages you end up having is determined by the number of words found on each page. However, bear in mind that the type of font you will use will also play a part.

Make-up words

When writing novels as a writer you may have a word limit but that does not mean you are not allowed to come up with your own words. A well-known author who id that was Shakespeare. however when coming up with new words keep in mind that they should be understood by the readers.

Words to avoid in novel writing

As you write your novel there are some words that you should avoid using. Words like some when beginning your sentences or any other part make your story not real and boring.

Be clear in your story so that it is easy to understand what you are saying as well as get the meaning. Make use of phrases like one of the shows that you are not being specific and clear. These are just examples of the things you should not do when writing.