Fiction Writing Tips 2021

New writers and student often seek to understand what is meant by fiction writing. as you write your story you also ought to know which is the best way to write a story that can have a wide readership. Here are some tips for you to become the best fiction writer just like how you can get the best tips on AusCasinosOnline to become the best gambler.

what is fiction

writing is simply how you write a story from your imagination. writes who write these type of stories are well known for their creativity and originality.

different types of fiction

their different types of fictions so you can’t generalise your story as you write.


this type of writing is often used for novels that are usually used for students when they are being taught literature.

These types of novels have a lot of literary devices which makes them suitable for learning purposes. Literary writing also involves the creation of the author and most of these novels have typical real-life stories.

Mystery fiction

Novels of this nature are interesting in the sense that they are not just general novels that are easy to understand. These are the type that the storyline revolves around a mystery or a crime. The creativity of the writer here is extraordinary.


This type of writing is based on real-life events. In addition, it does not limit the writer in terms of adding something in the story coming from his or her imagination and creativity.

You will discover that when reading this type of stories there is a lot of dialogue going on. Conversations bring the story to life

Science fiction

This type of writing is based on speculations of the future. This means that the story is mainly based on the writer’s imaginations and creativity.

The stories are about the new technology of the future. However, that is not always the case because the writer may write about technologies already in existence.


These are based on the creativity of the writer in developing a story mainly centred on the theme of love.

Usually, they are interesting, in the sense that no matter how big the conflict between the characters has, there is always a happy ending.

Speculative fiction

This type of fiction is not easy especially if you are a new writer. Also, this has a lot of other types of fiction within it. This means as the author writes he may include fantasy, romance and historical fiction.

The topic is very wide and very interesting as well. As one reads you will discover that most of the best selling novels are fiction ones.