Selling your novel online

selling your novel online

selling your novel online

When it comes to writing novels and selling them online, people have the misconception that it is very difficult to write a novel that can one day become one of the best-selling novels.

take your time to write your novel but you need to be aware of the next step. after writing and publish it and become a well-known author.

This may prove to be more difficult than writing especially if you do not have a team of professionals who do the marketing for you. How then do you sell your book online?

Have a website

In this digital time that we are living in it is important to have a website especially if you are in business. This is the place where you can put all the information your potential readers need to know before they read your book.

like how people look for information about how to play online casino games the same can be done with your work.


This is also a way of attracting so many customers to your wok. You probably have a lot of o books you have written that still need to be sold.

Get more sales online offering bonuses that are to give some of your books for free. Also, you can do as a way to promote your work you may offer discounts for the first customers.

Demands in the online  market

Just like any other business, this is also a business. you need to do your market research. Know what is trending and what your most readers are looking for. This way you will be able to know what you should mainly focus on.

Reviews and offers online

Writers sell with popular stores, it becomes easy for them to top sell online.  sell with amazon they always provide spaces for you to be well known.

Get the best reviews from the readers which are quite helpful in the way you write. selling with Amazon also means that your sales  will

increase with the number of reviews you get.

Author description

Get people attracted to what your profile says about you. Before they read your work, how you describe yourself should stand out. Also, that it gives an impression of the type of person you are. It also reflects upon your work as a writer.


When you sell your book online you have to keep in mind that you are attracting an international market.  Therefore, your work should be readily available.