Top selling novels 2021



Novel readers always want to know what is trending and which books they can read are trending. there are a couple of novels this year that has been rated as the top-selling novels in the world same with online pokies Australia.

Atomic habits the novel

A book by James Clear, the book offers you a guide as to how you can leave bad habits behind and maintain n the good ones which will help you in fulfilling your dreams.

The book also has a great influence on those who have read it already and they have become better human beings. The good thing about the book is it is available both on soft copy and hard copy in all countries.

The four winds novel by Kristin Hannah

This is a book that carries within it a hopeful message. Reading this book will give you the hope you need that things will change for the better.

Written by one of the best selling writers Kristin Hannah, the book has a thrilling storyline with the characters that bring life to it. the story touches on all the most effective parts of life running with the main theme of love it touches on sacrifices as well as courage. This is also the best story to read for those interested in love and romance.

The mastery of love

An interesting love story by Don Miguel. After reading this book one can relate to what the author is trying to express.

Rated as one of the best novels this year because of the issues it touches in relationships. The fight over control of the relationship which ends up robbing lovers of their joy and love.


If you are a drama lover this is the book for you. Written by the award-winning Nadia Owusu. Its amazing storyline involves a family with secrets.

also, a lot of emotions in the story since it touches on the story of a young girl abandoned at a tender age.

furthermore, the story might seem like it’s so depressing but as it ends you can draw inspiration from it.

How the one-armed sister sweeps her house

Written by Cherie Jones, you will find yourself turning pages eager to know what happens next. The book is rated as one of the best this year.  touching on issues to do with poverty and race as well.