One Hour Translation, found at, is a professional online translation service. They pride themselves on being able to translate projects fast, with 100% human translation.

How It Works

The process starts when you need something translated. You simply go onto the site, choose the language you need it translated into, and upload the file. Then the file is made available for the translators. The site boasts over 15,000 professional translators, so projects are taken pretty quickly. Let’s face it, with 15,000 employees, it’s almost guaranteed that someone will be online at all times. And once a project is started, you can expect it to be translated at a rate of 200 words/hour.

At some translation sites, like Translator’s Cafe or, you post a project, wait for people to offer their translation services and prices, pick someone, send them the project, and then wait for them to translate it. If they take longer than they had told you it would take, you have to contact them and tell them to hurry up. And hope they work on it faster instead of putting it off for another day. But with One Hour Translation, the process is much faster. Your project is posted to a group of trained and tested professionals and taken on a first-come basis. And the translator is on a timer to finish the project. If it takes too long, then it is made available to other translators. After that, it is proof-read by a similar process, and then you get back the translated document. Best case scenario for a short document is a turn-around of one hour. Don’t expect every project to take only one hour, but it is a lot faster than the bidding process.

Downsides to One Hour Translation

You have no control over who translates your document. On other translation service websites, you can view the qualifications of translators and send them your own test translation. This is better if you want a single person, or a few people, to be translating all of the documents for your company. Or maybe you want the same tone for a large work, like an e-book. If you’re looking for more control over who translates your work, them a company like this is not for you.